Top Ten Wedding Ideas – Rejected

Weddings, oh the happiness, the joy, the stress
Weddings, oh the happiness, the joy, the stress

Well, now that the proposal-part has been done, it’s time to take a look at what our wedding will look like. Or not look like.

There are so many decisions to be made.

Big wedding or small? Harder for us to actually do a big wedding as we have to pay for it and some clown spent a lot of money on a ring and helicopter ride, but we’ll see what we can manage.

Where? Oh so many choices. Not a destination wedding. Not an elopement. Something nearby. Something nice, but not massively expensive. Something warm and intimate if possible. Our friend Sheila nailed it. Small Italian restaurant. We want a similar experience.

And what about theme, flowers, dresses, suits, and the second most important thing, food? All these things have to be decided and decided sooner rather than later. Already some of our ‘spots’ were booked. (In one case, booked up to 2017!!!)

So, we’ll continue to think, to plan, to compromise.

In the meantime, I had some great ideas. However, not all of them were approved. Here is a list of the Top 10 Ideas that didn’t quite make the cut.

  • Nothing like a good tragedy at a wedding. Game of Thrones
    Nothing like a good tragedy at a wedding. Game of Thrones

    A Red Wedding. I mean how cool would this be? We all get shot with arrows at the end, fake or real, I hadn’t decided yet, maybe a mix of both. But this idea went nowhere, despite the fact it would be uber cool to hold the Prettiest-girl-in-the-world in my arms as we say our last good-byes. Oh, well.

  • Hockey Wedding. As advocated by the Youngest. I’m not sure how it would work, but there would be some form of skating, a shoot-out, maybe someone singing oh Canada, and an organ. Sadly, I can’t skate and while me standing on the ice might be comical, it would likely end in something horribly embarrassing posted on youtube.
  • Star War Slave Girl Wedding. Ok, I haven’t completely given up on this one. The Prettiest-girl-in-the-world would look amazing in the Princess Leia slave-girl outfit and we could have everyone else come as their favourite character (though both boys want to be Darth Vadar for some reason). A total winner in my books, but I’m sure you can hear the eye rolling from where you read this.
  • A walking dead cake. How cool would that be?
    A walking dead cake. How cool would that be?

    The Walking Dead Wedding. OMG, how cool would this be? All zombies? My speech would be something like, mmmaaaa, ggggaaaaah, arrrrrhhh, and no one would make fun of my dancing. Plus, the whole death do you part thing wouldn’t apply. Maybe something like, “until shot in the head by living humans.” However, this was a solid no as well.

  • Wedding in the Rain. How romantic, right? So we get a little wet. So the bride’s eyeliner runs? So we all shiver for a couple of hours and catch a cold. It would certainly be memorable.
  • Sky Dive Wedding. Like let’s pretend for a moment I’m not terrified of heights. Wouldn’t it be cool to leap out of a plane together, and while hurtling towards the earth, pledge eternal love? Doesn’t that sound like fun? Well apparently it “sounds like I got into the liquor cabinet.”
  • How to throw a hobbit party
    How to throw a hobbit party

    Hobbit Wedding. Think of an idyllic setting, the grass impossibly green, the trees alive with bright leaves, everyone wearing hobbit feet and vests. Think of white tents billowing in the gentle wind. Think of kegs of beer, the best kidney pies, and fireworks. We could have Gandalf marry us, though this may take a bit of work since it’ll be The Prettiest-girl-in-the-world’s mom who’ll be doing the honors.

  • Batman Wedding. Now I get this one might be a bit of a stretch since Batman never got married or anything, but here’s the pluse to this idea. I get to answer all the questions with “I am Batman, “ in a gravelly voice.     “Will you take the Prettiest-girl-in-the-world to be your lawful, wedded wife?”
    Anyone got a bat mobile for rent?
    Anyone got a bat mobile for rent?

    “I am Batman.”

    “Will you love and honor The Prettiest-Girl-in-the-world until death do you part?”

    “I am Batman.”

Plus, we could drive away the in bat mobile.

  • Sound of Music Singing Wedding. Well, to be honest, after hearing myself sing, I kinda put the kibosh on this myself. I mean, everyone wants to hear the hills are alive with the sound of music until you actually hear me sing it. I would look good in a traditional Austrian suit, though. And I do like the idea of controlling the children with a whistle.
  • Princess Bride Wedding. Ok, again, I haven’t given up on this one. Mawwwage, that bwessed event… I’m not sure we need a giant or any R.O.U.S. (Rodents of Unusual Size), but you haven’t lived until you’ve seen me in my Dread Pirate Roberts outfit, which I would, ah, yeah, have to buy, cuz I totally don’t have one hidden in the closet upstairs.

So what ideas do you have?

Any suggestions?

Traveling With Kids – San Diego Seaworld – Showtime


IMG_3605“The Whales Fly”

Seeing Seaworld is as much about balancing off what you do between the shows as anything. Like a hyper intermission filled with madly running around and screaming and water and sharks. But there are set times that the dolphins or killer whales come out to play. Crowds gather. Good seats are taken. Snack vendors magically appear. So we had to get there on time.

First up, the famous whale show. The Shamu Show. Apparently, that’s just the name of the show as none of the killer whales, (and there are 10 of them), are actually called Shamu. Sort of like the how Dread Pirate Roberts name just got transfered from pirate to pirate to handsome, farmer in love with a pretty girl.

Besides, who would go see a show named the Corky show? I would expect puppets and a guest appearance by Tom Hanks. So there’s a good reason they kept the name.

We decided to see the main show. There were other options. Shamu up and close. Dine with Shamu. Swim with Shamu and see if you can avoid getting eaten. All of these things seemed like a bad idea. They’re not called cuddle whales. So, yeah, main show.

We sat up high so as not to get splashed. They had the splash zones clearly marked, and not only marked, but the park guides told everyone coming in that the splash zones were, well, very splashy. Then, later, they made an announcement. Three in fact. If you’re in the splash zones, you’ll get wet.

For some reason, this came as a big surprise to some people. I think it’s the same idiots who put a hot cup of coffee in their lap and when it spills scalding hot liquid on their family jewels, sue everyone in sight.

IMG_0448 (800x600)Anyway, we were safe. Safer than safe. We were rows and rows away from the last splash zone set of seats. So high up that the air was thin and I think we could have touched the sky. I told the oldest we could and he gave me that look again. Like I’m having a stroke.

Now, let me ask you. Was the youngest more excited about the whales or the fact he could get cotton candy? You probably know the answer. However, the oldest was very concerned that the whales might not be treated properly as much as anything and wasn’t entirely convinced these animals should be in a tank giving performances.

One of these things I could solve. I got the youngest cotton candy. The other, well, harder to solve. He may be right. But these animals are treated well, they don’t have to worry about starving to death and the trainers really love them. I hoped to open up a bit of conversation about the whales, but it died as the show began.

The announcer asked the crowd to thank all the veterans in the crowd. For them to stand.

Being me and completely mishearing what was said, I stood.  Me and about 50 other men (and a few women).

This was odd, thought I.  Shouldn’t more be standing to salute the soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines?

The Prettiest-girl-in-the-world tugged on my shirt. “What’re you doing?”

“Applauding the servicemen and women.”

“You only stand if you’re one of them.”

Oh hell!

I don’t think I ever sat down so fast.

I felt so embarrassed.

Then the show started. The whales began by circling the tank, jumping in the air, then soaking everyone. I mean, SOAKING them. Like the teenagers at legoland had done. I feared they were out to soak me for pretending to be a serviceman.

IMG_0486 (800x600)Howevrer, more than a few people, somehow shocked that sitting so close to the tank would get them wet, ran for their lives like they were being sprayed with acid. Others, those that knew what to expect, laughed and giggled and shouted as water cascaded on top of them. Even a few adults.

Personally, I think the whales like this part. Personally I think they’re hoping the chubby, red-haired kid who threw a hot dog in the water will be splashed into the tank so they could take him for a long dive underwater.

Yes, some people are jerks, some kids in need of serious parental supervision, but by and large, we’re all well-behaved. We clap when we should clap. We go oooooh and awe when it’s appropriate. We eat lots of snacks that cost as much as a dinner at Denny’s.

I love seeing the whales, though. They are magnificent creatures. The youngest stops tearing at his cotton candy to watch them. The oldest seems to be looking at them to make sure they’re not being abused in any way. The Prettiest-girl-in-the-world hugs them both while pointing out the best tricks.

IMG_3583 (800x450)When it’s over, I half expect the whale, at some point, to pull himself out of the water and shout, are you not entertained?

But no.

Nothing bad happens. No one is eaten. None of the whales are hurt or abused. No one drowns. One camera may be a write-off after being soaked, but we’re all good.

We are entertained.

And maybe, just maybe, we’re all more connected to another living creature. Maybe we’ll think about them when someone brings up drift nets or oil spills or harvesting them for whatever parts we think we may need.