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Pandemic Oct 1st 2021 (Delayed Post) Another Scare

Long ago (well, actually two years ago), if one of our boys got sick with something like the flu, we’d keep him home, give him some Advil, and bring him some chicken soup while I quoted Churchill until he got better. But we still have to worry that those same symptoms could be Covid despite …

10 Things You Need To Know To Vote (That You May Not Know)

Each time we have to vote, the government sends out something that tells us what we need. It’s only two things, really –  A voter card and some form of ID (and I’ve worked at the poll stations, so everyone tries very hard to find something that works). However, there are a few things they …

Pandemic Sept 11th 2021 – Cruise-in Car Show

Keen to get out of the house, we decided to go see a car show. Now there hasn’t been one for a while due to stupid Covid and all the rules and restrictions, but finally, in Aldergrove, they were able to organize the Langley Good Times Cruise-in. How could we not go? There’d be hot …

Pandemic Aug 30th, 2021 – What to do?

Shouldn’t the pandemic be over? Nope, it keeps going on and on and on like some bad four-hour director’s cut of Blade Runner. So, what do we do now? Well, it’s time for me to channel the great philosophers like Socrates, Gandhi, and Dave Berry to answer that question. First, where are we in the …


Joe Cummings

Hey, thanks for checking out my new website!

If you ask me who I am, I will say, hey, just Joe. An average guy doing average things. But I wanted to share my passions with the world and create connections to people who share those passions. So check out my writing blog or my travel pictures or my history section or my new role in life as a stepdad.

Let me know what you think, what you like, what could be better or even if you’d like to post something. A picture. A writing tip. Thoughts on history. Some advice on being a stepdad. Whatever. I promise to respond.

Like me, this website will be a growing, adapting and expanding over time. Check back every so often or sign up for my newsletter.


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