1st Anniversary – Part 1 of 2

Wedding Oct 2nd, 2016

Well, The-Prettiest-Girl-in-the-World hasn’t gotten rid of me after 1 year. That’s a good sign, right? Something to celebrate?

You bet!

But what would we get each other? How would we make our day an adventure?

To celebrate the occasion, we ended up getting something we both needed. Romantic?

Well, maybe not, but practical and marriage saving.

So what did we get?

1st Anniversary Gift should be paper. I got silk.

I went paper (as was traditional), but I kinda went 7 degrees of paper. I got us big silk trees.

Ok, hold on. Lemme esplain…

Now, I fully expect our marriage to last our entire lives, but trees, living plants, even small, fearless cactus will be lucky to last a week in our house.

So, paper, like totally comes from trees, and trees are good to have in a home, but live trees would die and since an anniversary gift is a symbol of our marriage, then it wouldn’t do for some ficus to shrivel up and die, right? So. Silk plants.

Big beautiful ones.

Made sense to me.

The-Prettiest-Girl-in-the-World also got us a marriage saving present –  a huge duvet cover to fit our huge duvet. In the past, our duvet has looked like, well, ever seen an extra large pillow stuffed into a small pillowcase? Yeah, that’s what our duvet looked like. One wrong move and it could explode cotton and feathers everywhere.

Not the actual duvet cover, but kinda funny? Isn’t it? Sweetie? Funny?

But now we have one that no one can claim the other one is ‘hogging all the blankets.”

It’s nearly big enough for a king-sized bed and nothing saves marriages more than an equal distribution of blanketish assets.

But dinner… ah yes, that’s a moment for romance. And we had something cool planned. Or so we thought….

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