A Dog and His Bone

Ok, so Walgreens.  Hard to hide a store that big, right.

Wrong.  Took my a good hour to find.  Sure it wasn’t on the map but it’t not like it’s hidden treasure.   Eventually I found it while crossing a bridge to the side of the road I was pretty sure it wasn’t on.  It was below me.

I bought a flashdrive, a bottle of water, a BIG bottle of wine.  Then I went back upstairs to load the information onto the drive.  It took another hour for the restore to work only to have the restore say it couldn’t complete the restore.

Great.  Just great.  I logged on and transfered my file to the flashdrive and then, just for giggles, loaded up Word.  Who knows, maybe it would work now.

Not quite.   But it didn’t lock up for 10 min.   So I rebooted and tried again.

It worked for 10 min, and 10 min more and 10 min more and I wrote and saved and wrote and saved and kept praying it wouldn’t lock up again.  Got 3 hours worth of writing done before it crapped out.

Ok.  That’s ok.

I got a lot done.  But here’s the thing.  A good thing.  As painful as the day was, as frustrating and annoying, I really, really wanted to write.  The harder the fates made it, the more I wanted to write.  In a sense that was the whole purpose of coming out here.  To want to write again.

So, crappy computer, job well done.  Well done indeed.



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  1. I love how the unexpected surprises us and allows appreciation of the obvious to become obvious! A writer needs to write. Take away the tools to write and it brings out what makes us tick.

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