A Review Coming Soon

I tried a few new things tonight.  Expect a review tomorrow.  My first. There may be pictures.  None of them too rude.

In the meantime, here is an adorable review that went viral.  Most reviewers seem to equate being mean and hyper critical to doing up a proper review – especially with franchises – as if you have to trash them, no matter how good the experience may have been.

I have to say, being mean for mean’s sake isn’t going to be my style.  

I think a part of why this review went viral is that regular folk, the average Joes of the world, just want a nice place to eat, a place where they can talk to friends or family and a place that won’t cost them the equivalent of a Las Vegas vacation. However, traditionally, mean and snarky sells. It sells to the mean and snarky people who seem to like to put down everything and anything.

The rant endeth.  Here is the review.




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