Another Fever

No, not a flu fever.

Something I had last year.  Something I didn’t have until now.

Canuck’s fever!

It was almost like I got my heart broken last year when they lost (and the city rioted).  Like a love lost, I just couldn’t spend time with them when they came back.  I couldn’t watch them.  Didn’t want to hear about them.  Then, early this year, I pretended not to care, not to listen to any news of how they were doing, or who was scorig and who wasn’t.  I didn’t care, I tried to tell myself.  To hell with them.  pffffft.

But on the weekend, I watched them beat Edmonchuck.

And I felt it again.  That feeling that Vancouver fans get.  It’s not hope, no that’s too strong a word, it’s more like buying a lottery ticket with friends and thinking, this is the one, this time we’ll win.

Oh sure it may be a cousin of hope – one twice removed – but that feeling is back.  They could go all the way.  They won the prez cup or trophy or whatever it is.  They aren’t completely wracked by injuries.  Loooo isn’t even looking like a sad little puppy.

Maybe this IS the year.

Either way, I’ll watch all the games now.  All is forgiven.

Go Canucks!


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