Day 10 Tues 28th

A writing day, today.   Lots of writing to do.  And I had a plan.  150 pages completed.  1 big ass problem solved.  Only thing… I didn’t exactly know what the problem was.

How is that possible?  Well, I read a few chapters and found them to be unsatisfying.  Boring even.  Yet, I couldnt’ figure out why.  There was conflict.  The characters were acting in-character.  There were good hooks in and out.  There was nothing wrong with the locations.

However, something was missing.

Decided to print out the pages and look at them old-school.  I took them downstairs with me to eat lunch.  I read them all, spread them out on the table, and tried to look at them with fresh eyes.

In the end, it was easy to find.  I’d managed to duplicate information revelations.  Oh, they were different in many, clever-Joe ways, but they really said the same thing.  So.  Cut-cut.  I took them out.

Then, somewhat pleased with myself, I took time to enjoy the view.   And fell in love.

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  1. Nothing like a new medium in a fresh location to “see” things that were staring at you. I love how you are hunkering down in luxury and getting your job done!

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