Day 2

2nd rookie mistake

Alarm clock by the bed actually had the right time.

Turns out, it didn’t.


So I got up at what I thought was 8.  I mean, it looked like 8am.  There was sun and it was hot outside on the balcony and so I went down stairs in search of a map.

Now one thing a casino does not have is a lot of clocks.  In fact, there are none.  For a reason.  Time here is different.

I found a map, talked to a grumpy conseirge and found out my rental car was not within walking distance.

So back up I went and phoned enterprise.  Hey, they pick you up.  They said they would be there at 9.

I said awesome and looked at the alarm clock.  It was 8:50.  So down I rushed, checked out and raced to the entrance which is, in fact, the loading dock.

And I waited.  It must have been a good half hour but without a watch (note to self, remember to wear a watch on vacation,) I was wondering what the hell had happened.  Had he got lost, had he gone to a different part of the building.

So I waited and waited and finally went back inside to make a call.  I found a pay phone, not the easiest thing in the world and then bought a water so I could get change and phoned enterprise.

Seems it was 8:43 by their clock.

Sure enough, when I got out my laptop, it was 8:43.  OMG.  No wonder check out was uber fast, it must have been 7:30.  Maybe even earlier.


However, a nice car pulled up driven by a pretty girl just a little after 9.  She asked if I was me and I said I was and in I got.

Turned out the car was a Chevrolet 300.  White. Fancy interior.  AC so cold you could store meat.

On the way back to enterprise, I had a nice chat with the girl who had just moved to Vegas from California.  I was my best Kanadian friendly and got her talking about the people (who she thought weren’t a friendly due to the transient nature of the city), about the housing prices and recession (though her husband is a CPA which makes him a lot more immune to the downturns than most) and I even found out she has family in Victoria of all places.  She said she’d love to retire there someday.  Hahaha.

Anyway, I have no idea why I was all chatty but I was.

Filled out the paperwork and took off in my zoomie car.  Ok, not quite.  At least in my mind that’s what happened.

The truth was a little different.

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