Day 6 Aug 24th

Another day.  Bright and sunny.

I had a good sleep.  I woke up naturally.  No alarm.  Nice rain-like shower and now my hair smells like rosemary.

Time to say goodbye to Palm Springs.  Didn’t do nearly enough here but I think I may be back.  Some neat tours to go on, some more exploring is needed and my writing friend, Paula recommended some places that I didn’t get a chance to see (or eat at.)

Posted my writing and had a coffee, all leisurely like.  No need to rush.  But it’s time to pack up and head to Lancaster.

I’m not sure what to expect.  In my mind, it’s a good-sized town, a little run down, a little more likely to have a seedy side.  Lots to see here, not touristie stuff but writing stuff.  I’ll fire up my senses, keep an eye out for those great, little details and hopefully have some fun.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Okay, you know what you were saying yesterday about having someone to share it with? Well, from this end, when I read your posts it makes me long to be with you. I want a bite of that meal you were posting about and a sip of that beer. I want to calculate the calories in that giant plate of food. I do. Really. And I want to see a roadrunner. I definitely want to spend several hours every other day in a Barnes and Noble. And now I want to smell your hair, dammit!

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