Day 8

Ok, here’s the deal…

No blogging until I get my writing done.  Blogging could become another crutch.  Another excuse not to get back to the novel.

So, write first, blog later.

First up.  It’s was a driving day, today.

Woke up at 6.  A night of bad dreams.  Probably shouldn’t have eaten choc cream pie before going to bed.

Packed everything then repacked and repacked until I realized that I didn’t have enough room.  17 books take up a bit of space.

Packed the books in a plastic laundry bag and checked out.  Man, were those clerks nice.  Smiley, polite sweeties.  I will miss them.

But I had miles to go before I sleep.

Weather was fine, roads were unhindered by traffic jams and I made great time.  Drove past a road called “Zzyzx.”  I kid you not.  Also drove by some huge black towers that made me wonder, what the f&%@ are these?  Hmmm.  Must find out.

Got into Vegas about 1, after stopping for a brief breakfast.  Phoned rental car dudes and found out I didn’t have to have the car back until about 3, later if I didn’t need a ride back to my hotel.

So what did I do?

I went shopping.  At an outlet mall.

Now for my shopping friends, let me tell you there was a Nike store the size of a Zellers.  There were more shoe stores than I had fingers and toes.  There were men’s wear stores, women’s wear, child’s wear store, a Greg Norman store, outerwear, innerwear, large luggage stores, small luggage stores, stores that carried kitchen gadgets and stores that sold personalized perfume.  Even a Every 5 feet there seemed to be someone wanting to give me something for free.  Every 10 feet there was someone wanting to give me hair extensions or a foot massage or something deep fried.

It was too much.

At least for me.

The great outlet mall defeated me.

I returned the car in shame.


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