Day 9

Felt good about getting some writing done yesterday.

But today, I had to drag my sorry ass out of bed.  I thought 3 TVs would be my undoing.  But no, it was the super comfy bed with pillows made from angel’s feathers.

When I finally did get up, what do I see in the mirror but a huge sleepy crease on my face, like someone folded up my skin and ironed it (note to self, look up if skin can be ironed.)

Well, that’s what I get for not drinking enough water.  But here’s the thing, I just couldn’t pay $8 for a bottle of water in my room.  Odd that I have an attack of cheap here, it’s like the last place in the universe where being cheap is a good idea.  Now I tried the tap water but it’s, well, it’s green and tastes like green water.  Yuck.

So today, I would find cheap(er) water and stock up a bit.

After ironing my face, I went down for breakfast.  Menu was interesting.  First page of menu.  Drinks.  Second page.  Drinks.

That’s Vegas, baby.

Also saw fried chicken and waffles.  For breakfast?  Really?  Hmmm.  This I may have to try.

Waitress was efficient and served with machine-like politeness.  Angelina was like that.  I miss her. I hope whoever she is driving around appreciates her as much as I did.

Fed and full, it was time to write.

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