Does Everyone Talk to Their Dogs?

I know I do.  Not simply, ‘sit’ or ‘come’ or ‘get away from the garbage, you silly bugger’.  No, Sometimes I sing to them.  Sometimes I tell them a story.  Sometimes I like to explain things to them.  And, what’s more, sometimes I think they understand.

Take for example tonight.  While I was watching the hockey game, they sat at me feet, their eyes riveted on me just waiting for me to tell them something about the game.  Ok, some would say they were keeping an eye on the pizza in my hand but I say no, I say they wanted to know why Burrows shouldn’t have gotten that high sticking penalty in the first period.  I mean, it was a freaking follow-through, were the refs blind?

The doggies didn’t disagree.  They know a bad call when they see one.

Personally, I think it’s helpful to talk to your doggies as much as possible.  While the nuances of the English language may be lost of them, (they still look at me blankly when I explain you’re and your to them), it makes no difference, they wag their tails and prance around.

See, the thing is, they are great listeners.  They don’t tell you you’re wrong.  They don’t roll their eyes when you say something silly.  They don’t even leave half way through something you’re saying.

Like any good friend, they listen.

Hmm.  Maybe that’s something I should learn from my dogs.


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  1. You are an excellent listener. And, your pooches look GREAT! Shooter thought the same thing about Burrows. He had “are they freakin’ kidding me!” look on his face.

  2. OMG your dogs are adorable! I can’t believe I’ve seen your dogs before. We need to fix a date to meet…

    I agree with Lani, you are a great listener you silly bugger! 🙂

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