Good News, Bad News

Good news, Manson didn’t get pardoned.

Bad news, he’s still alive.

Good news, Got to watch the game and have a wonderful dinner with awesome friends.

Bad news, Canucks lost 4-2 in game 1.

Good News, Finished the latest Lee Child novel, The Affair.

Bad News, It was terrible.

Good News, Lost another pound since last week.

Bad News, I didn’t eat well last week.   No idea how I lost any weight.

Good News, Got 30 pages written on my novel today.

Bad News, still many more pages to write.

Good News, Cold nearly gone.

Bad News, It’s been hanging on for over two weeks now.  Enough is enough.

Life, at the end of the day, is balance.  Taking the good with the bad.   All I need to do is  remember the good sometimes.



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