Hired Gun

The van to take me to Discount Guns and Ammo arrived a bit late.   Not that it really mattered: I didn’t really mind waiting.  I had a coffee, I was excited and, to be honest a little nervous.  But this would be something new to do, something outside of my comfort zone so I thought I simple HAD to do it.

The driver turned out to be a gregarious Hawaiian.   Huge guy.  Easy to talk to.  Fun.  Laid back attitude.  He got me to the range quickly and we talked about how much Vegas had changed since he’d made his way out here (he left because the cost of living was (is?) nuts in Hawaii.)

When I went inside, they were incredibly nice.   They didn’t seem to mind all the stupid questions I asked and I settled on the SWAT package.  Beretta 92sm 50 rounds.  MP-5, 50 rounds.  M-4, 50 rounds.  Way I figured it, I could shoot pistols in Canada if I got my license but automatic rifles (or carbines), America was the place to go.

But what impressed me a lot was how safety conscious they were.  No cowboys here.  At least with noobies.  Now, I know the RCMP A-C-T-S thingee but knowing and doing are totally different things.  You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to wave the gun around with your finger on the trigger and a live round in the chamber.  However, these guys were super safety conscious and stayed with me the entire time.

So, first up.  The Beretta.  I learned 3 things…

1)Hey.  50 rounds is a lot to shoot for a noobie.  My hand was shaking by the time I’d used up my alloted ammo.

2) I learned that I need better glasses.  The ones I wore didn’t allow me to focus on the close up stuff.  Stuff like the freaking seeing the front and rear sights clearly enough to align.

3) If you want someone shot in the head at 30 feet, don’t come to me.  However, if you want someone shot in the hip, I am so your man.

I had a tough time with the Beretta.  Aiming was really an issue for me.  I hit the bullseye, what, twice and the outter circle a few more times but lower… lower I kicked the hell out of.  Only problem, I wasn’t aiming lower.

The gun attendant said I was suffering from 2 issues.  First, I was anticipating the recoil and reacting to it by lowering the weapon.  Second, I was Canadian and not used to shooting.  I laughed.

Then I moved onto the cool weapons.

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  1. This is so hilarious Joe. I think you need to take this blog of your writing pilgrimage and turn it into a book. Or at least a short memoir. Under a pen-name, of course. How about Sean Sommerville?

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