How Joe’s Mind Works (Or Beware, There Be Spiders)

As I was zipping down the highway towards home I saw a huge complex off to the right, or north for those who care.

It was a huge, abandoned amusement park.  Fenced off.  Gated off.  Intact but tagged with graffiti.

Oh boy, just the type of place to inspire me.

I pulled off at the nearest exit, which turned out to be a LONG way off, and drove back along a rickety road.  And there is was.

It was behind a fence but I did manage to find a place to, errr, sneak in.

A treasure trove of neat pictures and ideas.

So here’s how my mind works.  Who would use this place as a killing ground?  Likely there would be parties here.  Teenagers.  College kids.  Not exactly a quiet spot sometimes.

But what if someone used that?  Locked up one of the rooms and waited for the right number of people.  Say 1 or 2.  Young people.  Then he would leave the door open, hoping they would come in.  Like a spider.  Spider.  Hmmm.  Would he call himself that?

But if he killed people here, how could he cover it up?  I mean, the cops come once, see a room full of blood and go, hey something’s up here.

So, what if he covers the room in plastic?  Dexter style.  Two kids walk in, see it, say, “shit, what the fuck is this?” the door closes and the spider has them.  Kills them, wraps them up.  Cocoons them.  Packs them up to be stored at his place.

And that, sadly, is how my mind works.

After taking pictures and thinking writer’s thoughts, I drove away.

Feeling a little sick, either from headache or getting in the mind of a killer for moment or from the adrenaline dump after the lightning storm (and with the clouds overhead pretty much making photography no fun,) I decided to snooze.

I guess my body needed it because I didn’t wake up until 9 and some scary news on my email.

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