Other Thoughts on John Carter

I was watching 30 Rock and what should come up but a John Carter ad.  Now, apparently it is “Awesome”, according to Steven Weintraub – http://collider.com/john-carter-review/150694/ .  Harry Knowles –http://www.aintitcool.com/node/54139 called it “Spectacular”, according to the ad.   “An Explosion of Fun” says Dean Richards – http://www.wgntv.com/news/deanslist/wgntv-deans-reviews-john-carter-a-thousand-words-salmon-fishing-in-the-yemen-20120309,0,5341000.story

For writers, this should be very interesting.  It’s that darned ‘subjective’ thing.  I did not like it at all but there are at least 3 people that did.  So, if you ever hand out your writing and someone says they hate it, then I say there are 3 people out there who will love it.

PS Sorry for the clunky links, still sorting out how to do that kind of thing.  I hope to get better at it 🙂







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