Joe's New Adventure

Well, after telling people for so long that I have to go down and visit the locations I’m writing about, I’m finally in the airport, waiting for my plane to take me to the California desert.

I’ll be taking the Philippines airline.  Yes.  Philippines.  First off, why that extra ‘p’ in Philippines?   And, then, why do the people who live there call themselves Filipinos with an ‘F’ and no extra ‘P’ dangling around in the middle?  It would be like use living in Canada and saying we’re Kanadianz.

When I get on the flight, I mean to ask them about their ‘p’ choices.  I hope I don’t get air-marshaled off the flight.

Now, in typical fashion, I arrived early only to find out my flight is late.  Honestly, it’ not a big deal.  I park my butt in a chair, haul out my laptop and do a bit of writing or watch people wander by or snicker at someone trying to carry one too many bags on a baggage cart.  It’s all good.

But I have to say, I’m a big nervous going on this trip.  Oh, the location will be fine unless I decide to visit a hells angels bar and ask the biggest guy there why they don’t have more gay or black people (or gay black people.)

It’s actually hard to put my finger on.  Maybe I’m just getting old and new things scare me.  It could be that I used to travel with the most organized, most amazing woman ever and she tempered my innate need to panic about every little thing.   It could be that I’ll be doing part of my tour by the seat of my pants, chaotically driving around the desert in search of neat locations, hidden gems and long, lost airfields.  A lot of horror movies seem to start out that way.

However, I needed a break.  At home, I couldn’t find a way back to my writing, to finishing off my latest novel.  My hope, more than anything else, is to get inspired.  To rekindle my love in writing by standing in 104 degree heat.  To live and breathe and walk in the world my character lives in.

Thankfully, I have a great friend who is looking after my doggies who has made this all possible.  I have another great friend who picked me up in Victoria and made sure I got the airport on time.  I have friends back home who’ll shoot anyone breaking into my home.

I wish I could take them all with me.  A great convoy of clueless Kanadianz driving around the desert looking for that motel with the chainsaw marks on the room doors or going off road to find that long abandoned gold mine or simply seeing how long they can stand in the heat before they pass out.

But no, I’ll have to do those things alone.



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  1. Heavens! Exactly what part of the California desert? For how long?
    Do you really want to know about that extra “p”? Philip comes from the Greek “Philippos”, meaning lover (phil-) of horses (hippos). So although the second “p” disappears in English “Philip”, when the name is stuck into another word, the second “p” reappears. But you’ve raised a good point about just how many little bits of knowledge we take for granted. I haven’t the faintest idea where the name “Philippines” comes from. I’d guess it has to do with one of the kings Philip of Spain, but that’s a stab in the dark. Yeah, I’ll Wikipedia it later.

    Watch out for scorpions, gila monsters, and rattlesnakes, eh?

  2. I can stand in the heat for a really really long time before I pass out. Unless there is tequila involved. Then, not so long. 🙂

  3. JustJoe,

    Didn’t know you were hitting the desert – La Quinta, where we have our second home, is in the neighbourhood, – if you decid you’d like to spend a few days at Casa Terzo (the house of Third) just let me know.

    We have a gentleman who is our house watcher (a very cool job you should consider) – his name is Larry and he lives in our gated community. If you’d like to stay at the house I just need to email Larry and let him know you are coming and I can set it up. You can check it out as a future locale for a writing retreat. One down side though, the Cable/Wi Fi is shut off for the summer, so not very conducive for writing. – But if you’re ‘rewriting’ it may work for you, let me know, – it would be my pleasure.



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