Langley Love

Ten Reasons Why Langley Doesn’t Completely Suck

1) It doesn’t smell like cow poo all the time.  Ok, today it did but most days it doesn’t.

2) People are surprisingly (and somewhat distressingly) friendly.  Good news if you like chatting to people, bad news if you have hermit tendencies.

3) Houses are still affordable out here.  Not Saskatchewan affordable but I have a lovely home that I can afford.

4) It’s far enough from the sea not to be destroyed by a tsunami.   It is far enough from the Fraser River (at least I am) so I won’t get all wet and soggy from floods.

5) If an earthquake hits, there are tall buildings that will fall on me.  Nor will the ground underneath me liquefy and sink into the ground.

6) Shopping, theaters, and restaurants are all within easy driving distance.  Bad for my waistline and bad for my wallet, though.

7) You can’t hear the massive trains all the time.  Oh, they thunder by around 3am but I’m usually asleep by then.

8) It’s not Whalley

9) There is no occupy Langley movement.

10) It’s my home.

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