Last Night

Well tonight is my last night.I’ve certainly done some interesting things while here. Relaxed a bit too. Thought about stories and Margot and what the future will hold. Burned the living crap out of my chest today (as I forgot to put suntan lotion there.) Met a few people, even talked to a few. Ate a massive amount of food. Gained 20 pounds. Probably wrote between 15-20 pages a day, all told (blogs, my letters to Margot, story outlines and new novel writing.)Coming back home, I have a lot to sort out. Physically. Emotionally. I need to get on cleaning the office so I can write again. I need to pick up the doggies. I need to resend more queries (0/6, unless there is something in the mail.) I probably need to throw away stuff in the fridge again.

I know I took a chance coming out here alone. I knew it would be hard.

Not sure I would do an all-inclusive if I had to choose all over again. It is a place for couples and groups. It is not set up for singletons. However, there was no way I could have gone to Europe, alone, that would have been far too hard. So, all things considered, it wasn’t the massive success it could have been (success defined as getting past the overwhelming sadness that lingers not far below the surface) but neither did I sit in my room and curl up into a ball. Not a massive failure either.

Likely when I get home, I’ll reconnect with all my friends, force them to tell me how wonderful my blog was and con at least one of them into seeing Avatar.

Life goes on. Tomorrow, I come home.

(goofy Joe picture – Mazatlan city tour, not far from the cliff divers, taken by a nice mexican couple.)

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