Nerf War Tips

Nothing says war like cats and drill-sergeants.

Ok, so you want to play Nerf Wars, do you? I didn’t hear you, DO YOU?!?

First of all, I would suggest rules. Here are some. Or you can read the previous post.

Now let’s take a look at my top 10 tips (plus one from The-Youngest.)

  1. Take accuracy over rapid-fire. Better to hit something than just leave a pile of darts around something.
  2. Ensure your gun works.
  3. Have lots of ammo. Stuff your pockets full. Stuff more down your shirt, your pants, and into your shoes. Running out of ammo means you die.
  4. Have lots of ammo loaded into clips. Big clips. Drum magazines. Stuff these in your belt or pockets.
  5. Cover matters, but this isn’t real war. A tree or trampoline netting works just fine. Your wife, however, should never be used for cover, apparently. NEVER.
  6. Numbers matter. 3 adults with bad guns and no glasses will still put one down 10-year-old with a rapid-fire weapon.
  7. Never let the kids chose your weapons.
  8. Have rules (especially about picking up afterward.)
  9. Wear protective glasses (and a jock because you just know where your children will try to shoot you.)
  10. Have fun and forget about hits and misses, wins and loses, (and whoever hid all the nerf bullets so those using 300 round magazines would not be able to reload.)
  11. (From The-Youngest) Watch, like, 200 videos on Nerf Wars.

And, for those who need to know, here are the top 3 best nerf guns.

  • Sniper time!

    Elite Centurion. (Officially the Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Series Centurion blaster.) “Joe, did you know these are good for distance? And pretty accurate?”  (Plus, it looks like a sniper rifle.) The downside, low rate of fire. But hey, you can hide up in a tree somewhere and shoot unseen.


  • Fast and Furious. Hyperfire Elite.

    Hyperfire. (Officially the Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire blaster.) Snaps out bullets at a horrifically fast rate. Who needs to aim? You just get close and let loose. Downside – Not super accurate but since most battles are fought within 10 feet of each other, this does not matter as much.


Last but not least, darts.

The best nerf darts are, oddly enough, not from Nerf. How weird is that? And to make matters even worse, not all darts work in all the guns. But for a quick recommendation, check it out –Ekind “Waffle” style darts. They are approved by freaking Popular Mechanics!

As I can attest by being hit with a lot of them, these are pretty accurate. (FYI, we got the old darts, the kids hoarded the waffles.)

But above all, have fun.

If you have any suggestions on how to play an epic game of Nerf Wars, let me know!

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