Night Falls

The sheriff’s dept didn’t phone back.

Watched one of my favourite movies, the 5th Element while lying on a surprisingly comfy bed and soaked in the cold AC.    There was free water, free Wifi, free little mints, free local calls… a way better deal than the resort that hit me up for every little thing.  🙁

Then went out to have some food, 680 calories worth of fresh veggies, pot roast and mashed potatoes.  All the menus here have the calorie count.  I’ve chosen to ignore them most of the time, mostly because when I get over 6000 for the day, it’s just depressing.

Went back to my room, somehow managed to miss the happy hour in the motel (I even had a free drink coupon but I was not in the most social of moods, with a huge sleepy crease across my face and the bar filled with loud – no really loud – folks who seemed to be tying one on.)

So back to my room to download my pix, post my bloggies and make a list of anyone who has not yet commented on my writing (and delete them as friends!)

Tomorrow, another plane museum, a drive out to a small airport, a longer drive to Ma’s airport (which may be fenced off) and a little shopping trip.)

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  1. I love how you’re having so much fun and finding so many interesting things in what is NOT (as you’ve learned) a place that fancies itself a tourist destination. I’m really enjoying seeing the area through your eyes — as it’s the kind of common California landscape I’ve driven through many times as quickly as the law allows, or maybe sometimes a little quicker.

  2. Joe,
    Anyone who has read your fiction knows you have serious writing chops for telling compelling stories. But these dispatches demonstrate a talent for travel writing as well. Keep them coming. Once you are looking for a project beyond your current novel, you might seriously want to consider some kind of travel book based on anew journey. Based on this material, I would love to see the results of such an effort.

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