Simple Things

There are so many great things to see and do in the world yet few things are more satisfying than a home-cooked dinner with friends (and wine). Ok, maybe something better, a home-cooked meal, friends and wine and watching Game of Thrones with another fanboy (girl).

I have to say, for an impromptu dinner, this was really spectacular – a proper turkey dinner.

But not just a Joe-dinner with a dry turkey and brussels sprouts and stuffing and a few overcooked veggies and some instant mash potatoes, oh no, this was done by a masterful cook.

Listen to this.  Soft and moist turkey.  Lovely corn.  Stuffing.  Gravy.  Sauted brussels sprouts with bacon and shallots.  Vegetable Tian with new potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, and zucchini with onion, garlic and thyme.  Puree of yams with butter and brown sugar.  Soooooo good!

For dessert- homemade cocoa meringues with fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle.  OMGYHTTT good.

It took 4 hours to prepare and about ten minutes to eat, and another ten to eat more and then another ten for dessert.

It was one of those times that I wish I could eat my own weight in food.  It was so fantastic to eat a meal made with love and gravy.

Then, like a second dessert, we watched the Game of Thrones.  IMO there is not a better show on TV.   Intrigue, betrayal, nudity, compassion, weaseling, heroism, cowardice, oh this show has it all.  I had to sit still and not jump up and down as some of my most favourite characters appeared on-stage for the first time and how some the favourites from last year I knew to be dead men (or women) walking.  And there are still so many great characters still to come.   Great battles to be fought.   Tragedy and pain to be heaped on everyone we love.

But it’s a show I hate (HATE!!!!) waiting until next week.  I want to see it all now.  NOW, dammit.

However, I guess a good show, like a good meal, always leaves you wanting more (or at least wanting to come back.)



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