The Land of Millionaires and Billionaires

For some reason, I went on-line house shopping today.  Specifically, I went and looked at properties in and around downtown Vancouver.  I guess a part of me loved the few days I’ve spent wandering around there and while I knew prices were bad, I had no idea just how bad.

And by bad, I mean expensive.

To afford a $1.2M condo, I would need to make $240,000 a year.  I know some people do, but most of us, even with the entire family working would be hardpressed to come up with that cash.

However, I won’t rant too much about this because someone else is actually doing a better job of it.

Please check out… because what is really, really frightening is just what $1.2 million will buy you these days.

Now, compare this to Arizona…. 4 bed, 4 bath.  $99,000

I guess the millionaires and billionaires love the rain.

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