The Last Week

So, my blog has been up for a week, now.

Thanks so much to everyone who signed up to ‘follow’ me.  I feel the love, oh I surely do!

In that week, I wrote 13 blogs.  I have 14 comments (and even more sent to my personal email.)  That was awesome.  I love the feedback.

Things I have learned… I learned how to put pretty pictures into my blog.  I learned how to do links but looking at other people’s blogs, I still have a lot to learn.  I learned how to edit and add widgetie thingees and track stats and blog to twitter and FB.  No easy task for an old dog like me, let me tell you.

But hey, I did discover that old dogs can learn new tricks.

In my life…

I managed to get 100 pages out to my friend, Sean.  I love the changes that I have made and I think the book is reading so much better.   I managed to get a day with Mark and Alexander and Ana, and survive an encounter with the past.  I kept up with my friends via FB and email, always fun but sometimes time-consuming.

Lost 3lbs on my new diet (which I mostly just having 3 good meals a day instead of a glass of orange juice for breakfast, no lunch and a HUGE plate of ribs and mashed potatoes for supper.)  Now, for breakfast, it’s yogurt and fruit (yummy!), a salad (bleh) for lunch then a regular supper (including fish and chips on Thursday.)   So, it’s not like I’m depriving myself, just trying to make a few better choices.  Less pop.  More water.  Less chocolate bars, more carrots.

Next big step, exercising!

Don’t hold your breath.

Reading… The Affair by Lee Child.  Love the author, not sure this book works.  As always, reading with an eye to learning how to write better.  Even if it isn’t his best, Lee Child can still teach me a LOT.

Just got Game Of Thrones in the mail.  Can’t wait to watch that for the 5th time.

Changed my background TV from news to home renovations.   That way, when I’m cooking supper or paying the bills or chatting on-line, I wouldn’t get so distressed at all the grief in the world.  Instead, Mike Holmes will make it all right.  Or that couple will find their perfect home in Belize.   That’s the world I want to live in.

This week, I want to continue the blog, do up a review or two, host a friend from Victoria, and find a way to have an adventure of some sort this weekend.  I will also want to make my official application for the Blogger position.

That’s assuming nothing interferes with my plans and, sadly, if there’s something I’ve learned in the last few years, the universe doesn’t give a damn about my plans.



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  1. I have an adventure idea for you! Try to find an adventure that is physical exercise — go on a hike, visit a gym for a test workout, take a martial arts class, try rock climbing, rent a bike, take a dance class (tee hee — I will want pictures of that!)

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