The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

It took me about 5 min to realize that the 300 had a keyless start (after I had jammed the key into pretty much every hole I could find.)  Then, even after I found the button labeled, START, it took me a moment to figure out what I had to do to actually start it (that is to say, put my foot on the break THEN press the button.)  Then I had to figure out how to adjust the seat and then how to work the Sirius radio and then how to work the AC and then how to turn off MSNBC on Sirius radio and then how to shift the car from park to reverse.

Hey, it was complex!

All the newfangled gizmos and fancy-pants electronics, they confused little old me.  Oh, I could have asked but, let’s face it, I’m not an asking guy at the best of times.

However, once I got going, I really appreciated the car. It accelerates like a bat out of hell, is so comfy that I may just sleep in it one night and you cannot over emphasis how important good AC is in 102 degree heat.

In fact, I’m very, very glad I didn’t bring the doggies.  Even in the shade, it’s so hot that it would have really stressed them out.

So, I had my car.  It was now time to implement my plan.


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