Traveling With Kids – San Diego Zoo Safari – Need For Speed

Will We Get There In Time? San Diego Safari

The tour left at 11:00

We had to be there by 10:50. It was like the Amazing Race.

IMG_059410:10, we tore out of our hotel, not far enough behind to make this a complete disaster, but far enough that we had to really haul ass.

By 10:30, we turned off the highway. Still a ways to go on slower roads with schools and speed limits and armies of cops waiting to stop us. (Hmmm, it sounds like Smokey and the Bandit, or for you younger people, Need For Speed.)

By 10:41 we were in the line to get parking. I had ignored the posted speed limits is a very bad way. Of course, the guy in front of us was chatty. 3 cars went by in the other lane while we were in ours.

10:44. We get to the booth. We have a free parking pass. This doesn’t confuse the attendant, but she wants to give me a receipt. Slowly. Like a sloth.

10:46 We screech into a parking space. It’s starting to spit rain. Great. Just great.

10:48 We’re out of the car. We have everything. Phones. Bags. Wallets. Tickets for the park. Kids.

10:52 We’re inside the park. We’re walking as fast as we can with two little ones who are both like that dog in Big, “Squirrel!!!”

We are already late.

images (1)10:58 We rush to the tour bus area.

We are the last to arrive.

Everyone is looking at us. The youngest waves at them. The tour guide looks at her watch, then us, then at her watch, then us. And frowns.

But we made it. The Prettiest-girl-in-the-world and the boys sat on the back seat facing behind them. I sat in the front with the tourguide after both of the kids politely declined (No WAY!) to take that position.

Then the ride started.

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