Vegas – Buses, Fountains and Pianists

Fremont Street. Could be fun for adults, but for kids...?
Fremont Street. Could be fun for adults, but for kids…?

Finally arrived at vintage Vegas. Fremont Street. Older. A bit sleazier. Worst place to see in the daylight. Like the Vegas Strip with a hangover.

Not super impressed. Too early for neon. No virtual airplanes overhead. Lots of people. Not really kid friendly. Limited places to eat that weren’t deep in a casino. No tables on the sidewalk to sit and watch the world go by.

Different Vegas.

Didn’t go on zip-line. Wasn’t sure it was even operating. Didn’t go into casinos. We’d seen enough casinos. Saw iconic neon signs. Took pictures of iconic neon signs. Saw at least two concert areas set up. Should be a rocking place at night. Saw a magician do magic. For free. But you get what you pay for here. It wasn’t super awesome.

No jets overhead. What?
No jets overhead. What?

Lots of street vendors. Lots of guys being statues. Lots of homeless wandering around looking for a quick steal.

Kept boys from seeing banana hammock guys with their bums exposed. Kept boys from touching anything. Kept boys from seeing girls in S&M leather. At least this time around. Kept boys from going more than 6” from us. Just a bad vibe about the place.

Totally different to see it with children in tow. Could have been fun if it was just the two adults (or 1.45 adults. Not sure I am an adult.)

Stayed an hour. Then found bus back. Worried we took the wrong bus. Very full. Had to stand. When our stop came up, staggered to the middle to press the next-stop button. The-Youngest asked, “Why? There’s a button a foot away?” Didn’t see it.

Back at the room, sore feet, sweaty, glad to have my wallet still. Glad we didn’t lose the boys.

Took a shower. So exhausted fell right asleep after shower.

Still a MUST-SEE in Vegas. the fountains at the Bellagio.
Still a MUST-SEE in Vegas. the fountains at the Bellagio.

Woke up. Off to Bellagio for fountains. Dark out. Bus full. Got off at right spot. Chalked up a win on that one. Had to wait a bit. Played the ‘

Had to wait a bit. Played the ‘one word’ game. “This” “Story” “Begins” “With” “A” “Fart.” Ended up with a story about farts. This is what you get when you include The-Youngest in such things. Or me.

Fountains amazing. Oldest didn’t recognize music, vowed to figure it out. Sounded all classical music to me, but what do I know.

Beside it, Cosmo Hotel lit up to music. Hadn’t seen that before. Kinda cool, too.

Planned to get bus to Venetian. Ended up walking. The streets were alive. Saw more of real Vegas in 20 min than we had the entire trip.

So many people dressed up on the Vegas Strip at night.
So many people dressed up on the Vegas Strip at night.

Saw a street preacher. He sermonized about sin. A good topic for a place like this. Saw 2 people dressed up as the guy from the hangover with the baby. Attacked by

Saw 2 people dressed up as the guy from the hangover with the baby.

Attacked by blue stuffy mascot. Nearly pushed him away. Oldest jumped-scared by Chewbacca. Or guy in Chewbacca costume. We’re not sure where Chewy goes to gamble.

Steered clear of two girls in leather and fishnets who you could take pictures with. Wondered if they were the same ones from Fremont. Saw Transformers, Mickey Mouse, lots of frozen snowmen and princesses.

Saw lots of old guys with super hot wives, so I fit in. Saw lots of bachelorette parties, girls with t-shirts that said, ‘bride’ or ‘maid of honor’, or in groups with tight black dresses. Saw men on bachelor crawls with suits, attitude, all looking confused, and all oddly taller than me. When did I shrink to Yoda size?

Women in groups do the follow-me thing pretty well. Men are like the human version of the chaos theory – going every possible way.

Went on epic quest to find piano man in Venitian. Talked to lady at the front of hotel, said to go to St Marks. Found a flutist, accordion player and guitarist at St Marks. The-Oldest massively disappointed. No piano man.

Ate at food court. Pizza person recognized The-Youngest from last night. Asked if he wanted a cheese pizza, again. The-Youngest said yes. He would say that every night if asked.

Tried to find a different way home. Went in search of another bridge to cross.

That route brought us to the piano player!

The pianist we'd been searching for!
The pianist we’d been searching for!

We grabbed a seat and listened. The-Oldest vibrated in with excitement. He wanted to see how the pianist’s hands moved. Got super shy. I went with him. To stand behind pianist. Like fans. Or serial killers. Or both.

Watched how a master’s fingers worked on the keys. The-Oldest super impressed. Explained every note played to me. Explained why composers chose the notes they did. Explained how he would have done better.

Went back to Treasure Island.

A total success by chance. An epic quest completed.

A great day.

How cool is that?

Time to head home.


Fountains at Bellagio

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