Welcome to Me

So I sat for a while sipping coffee and pondered what should be my first post.

Likely almost everyone reading this post will be a friend of mine.  Or an acquaintance.  So they know that I lost my wife two years ago, they know how that shattered my world, they know that I am struggling to find a purpose in life.  They know I have two doggies, Freya and Vegas.  They know I’m an Aquarius, a gamer, a writer and a traveler.  They know my life is in transition.  They just don’t know how it will all turn out.

The truth is, neither do I.

I have no idea what the next year will be like.  Will I be able to eat better, exercise, lose weight?  Will I find love again?  Will I be able to refocus and succeed as a writer?   Will I remember where I put the car keys?

So why a blog?

First off, it’s because of a job I want very badly.  A paid blogging position.  Richmond Tourism.  Imagine this: I get money to eat and write about it?  Me.  An average Joe.  How cool would that be?  How perfect is this job?

But that’s not the entire reason.  I want to get back into writing, fall back in love with it.  I want to talk about my writing.  I want to travel and write about my adventures.  I want to write reviews.  I want to rant and rave again.  I want to pop off on pop culture.  I want to entertain and enlighten and empower.

And I want to be READ.

I also want to hear people’s opinions, what they think I got right and what they think I got wrong.  I want to start a conversation or create a space to share reviews, travel, whatever.

So.  1 Blog per day.   Every day.  For  a month.  Maybe longer.  Something about life or what I observe or what I feel.  A personal blog.  Not a business blog, not a political blog, not a food blog, though I may have those things in here at some point.


A blog about me.

Just Joe.

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