What Got Done

First off, when I looked outside, the hurricane wind had blown my garbage can into the middle of the street and then rolled it to the end of the cul-de-sac.  How no one had hit it or decided to move it from the middle of the road was beyond me but I raced out and got it.  No socks.  No shoes.  No coat.   Oh so cold.

But, hey, this is Langley.  At least I had pants on.

Came back in, dressed for the real world and went out to grab a coffee and write.  Got 20 pages done.  Deleted probably another 10.  Groc shopped and took the doggies out and came up with a new cure for a migraine.  Freaking cold wind.  Yup.  It works.  I stomped around in the freezing wind all huddled up and feeling sorry for myself that I forgot about my migraine.   Fight pain with pain.  It works.  (Or maybe it was the combination of fresh air, another fist-full of aspirin and more food.)

However, I feel like I may need to rant a bit.  Walking Dead.  Spartacus.  Amazing Race.

I’ll post that tomorrow.

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